Monday, April 23, 2007

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks

Woo hey kiddies!

Guess what? Panda Head Curry? has REFORMED! That's right! We split up last year due to irreconcilable differences, namely, General Panda is a moron, and I'm not. You can't get more different than that.

Anyways, to cut a long story short. We got a letter from one of our fans in Kazakhstan, Dulat Doushbaag, a 5 year old legless orphan. Here is his letter:

Dear Lord Panda and General Panda (of great band Pandaheadscurvy)

I Kazakhstani, Dulat Doushbaag. I'm rotating around sun 5 time. I love verymouch manly songmaking of PandaHeadscurvy. News of your breaking up is making me very sad, such that I want making kill myself.

Please, please, pandaHeadScurvy, making more music to make us who have no legs much happy.


Dulat Doushbaag.
5 Sun Rotation.
Orphan - no legs.

Now that brought a tear to our hoary eyes. After several rounds of discussions WE AGREED TO REFORM!

General Panda promised to return all the petty cash he "accidentally" took while in my office. In turn, I agreed to let him have all his Pokemon trading cards and used My Little Pony panties (used meaning, he used them).

Anyways, we performed at our buddy Jamal's birthday party. Shortly after that, we went into the studio and recorded 14 (count that fourteen) COMPLETE SONGS in under 2 hours. Pure frikkin genius.

And you know what? We're making this album (One Thousand Homo Humpbacks) FREE to download! That's right, we spent tens of thousand USD recording this album. TONS of effects and studio techniques were implemented to make this sound like a cheap recording with a couple of mics and a DI'd guitar. But we're letting you, our audience who showers with infinite love, have this priceless work for free!

That's right! All your favorite ultrarightwing, conservative, xenophobic, anti environmental, homophobic, misogynistic and generally politically incorrect sing alongs can be downloaded and dumped right onto your iPod (or whatever cheap mp3 player you may be using) Woo Hey!

The song titles in the order we recorded (roughly) are:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks (current working title)

1) Samy
2) Singapore Belongs to Malaysia
3) Singer Song Writers Suck
4) Gator Farm
5) Yahudi Hey!
6) Ahab (Whales for Research)
7) Sunat
8) I wanna be an Arab
9) Electroshock Bunny
10) Homophobe
11) Singer Song Writers Suck (reprise)
12) Worship Me
13) Cinta Gelap
14) Kongsi Raya

Bonus Track!

Meng is Catholic.

Because we know how much you love us, we're giving you a free sneak preview of our free downloadable album!

Samy! DOWNLOAD! (right click and save as)
Yahudi Hey! DOWNLOAD!
(right click and save as)


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