Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bow, Fuckers, Bow!

We made the above photo montage for what's going to be our Final Performance as Panda Head Curry at KLPac 20 August 2006.

After snubbing our genius by not including any of our brilliant works in their Voices Next Door Compilation and not getting invited to present papers or perform at KL Sing Song 2006, the Troubadours group have realized the error of their ways and literally BEGGED Panda Head Curry? to perform at their scheduled Troubadours-Open Doors gig on 20 August 2006.

We weighted the possibility for a long time. Panda Head Curry? are a busy organization, we regularly meet heads of state and leading porn starlets. We were last invited to perform at Wembeley (or how ever the hell you spell it), KLPac seemed rather...well Sentul.

However, after thinking long and hard, we decided to do the charitable thing and perform. And as mentioned, this shall be our last performance together. Been having problems with General Panda. He appears to have stopped taking his meds and is getting increasingly difficult to work with.

Details should follow shortly.

Thus, the all encompassing love and gargantuan munificence of Panda Head Curry?


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