Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Problems Pt 1

Lately, I've noticed some odd things happening. Things seem to go missing, particularly when General Panda's around.

Started several months ago.

a) We were at Asia Cafe for a late night snack. I paid for a drink, the waiter put the change on the table, about RM 7.50. I left the change on the table, figured, I'd use it to pay for some fried mushrooms that I'd ordered. Mushrooms came, and there was no money on the table. General Panda said that I must have put it back in my wallet but I hadn't. The mushrooms were coated with flour and were crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

b) Some weeks ago, practicing for the Gigger's cafe gig with General Panda. I had some strings lying on the table, two 012's for my acoustic guitar. Went to the toilet and returned, there was only one 012 left. General Panda was the only one in the house with me. He said there was only 1 string there.

c) All the change I keep for parking and tolls have been dissapearing from my car the past month. Only General Panda's been in that car. I use another car when I drive my family around.

I confronted General Panda with this and he vehemently denied any wrong doing. I think he has a problem and he's in denial.


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