Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Response to Troubadour's Invitation

Dear Troubadours,

Thank you for your invitation.

I must say this comes as a surprise, we never thought you'd be able to afford our performance fees. I'm glad you've seen the error of your ways and decided to make amends.

You may get off your knees now.

Panda Head Curry? is indeed munificent. Extremely munificent.

We initially had a Middle East peace talks meeting scheduled for the morning of the 20th where we're proposing the "dimensional shift" solution. A method that will allow Isrealies and Palestinians to occupy the same physical space by phase shifting their their matter into 2 separate dimensions so they can walk through each other. We worked out the theory on the back of a San Francisco Coffee House napkin.

After that, we had a party set up with the 2006 winners of Adult Video New's "Nastiest Orgy Girls".

However, we figure, the Middle East can wait a few days and every day's an orgy for us. We'll play your gig in ~Sentul~. In the future, if you want to invite us for a gig, please select somewhere that is more deserving of Panda Head Curry?'s presence. E.g., PETRONAS MPO or a bitchin' health spa packed with hot sluts.

FYI, we've submitted a list of demands that must be met for us to perform at your gig. Please revert to us on this ASAP.

Yours sincerely,

Panda Head Curry?


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