Thursday, August 03, 2006

Troubadours Open Doors 20 Aug 2006 and "General Panda"

Troubadours-Open Doors gig

I've been busy getting shit lined up for our 20 Aug gig at KLPac. Since it's our last performance, we're going to lengths to make this totally extravagant. Expense is not an issue. Fear is not a Factor. If you miss this, you'll want to kill yourself and your loved ones. You will be so dissapointed, you will lose the will to live.

We know y'all come to a Troubadours show to watch sensitive men and women write earnest, heartfelt, songs that manage to break down all barriers and establish a connection with all the wanting souls in the audience.

Hence, we're planning (but haven't yet decided) on adding the following elements in our set:

a) Paid sex.

b) Fried Chicken.

c) Puteri Islam Se Malaysia (PIS)

d) Lasers

"General Panda"

I'm glad this will be our last act together. That other half of Panda Head Curry? who calls himself "General Panda" is lapsing into more and more psychotic behaviour.

More of my property has gone missing. I lost my Joy Division Substance (compilation) CD a few months ago. I'm riding with General Panda, he pops in a CD, and what do you think is on? That's right Joy Fucking Division. I grab the jewel case and ask him where he got it from. He said he purchased it from Auntie's shop in Campbel complex. I opened the case and MY FUCKING NAME and DATE I PURCHASED THE CD is WRITTEN on the fucking in sleeve.

The little fucker told me HE wrote that shit in and refused to speak the entire journey.

I can't wait to complete this KLPac gig and say "adios pandejo" to that little fucker.


Blogger pink death said...

Wasn't the Substance compilation released by New Order (a far more superior band than Joy Division because they actually lived to enjoy more beer and drugs)?

5:12 AM  
Blogger panda_head_curry said...

The Substance series was essentially a collection of 12" singles. FYI, JD and NO (initially) in general, released stand alone singles, i.e., they weren't part of any albums. NO broke this tradition after the Lowlife album where they released 12" single remixes of some of of the album songs.

a) New Order - Substance. This was a 2 disc compilation of NO's 12" singles released in the 80's. Disc 1 was A sides, Disc 2 featured B sides.

b) Joy Division - Substance.
This was a 1 disc CD containing Warsaw tracks (JD precursor band) and JD 12" singles.

c) I believe there's another NO - Substance that includes their work in the 90's, which are mainly from albums or remixes.

From a health and prosperity angle, yes, NO are far superior, since they are alive, got to get old, have kids and gain lots of weight.

Ian's died and left a youthful rockstar body and was a far better lyricist than Barney.

10:28 AM  

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