Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Problems Pt 2

Went to watch General Panda (as the little bastard's taken to calling himself) recording this evening. Noticed he had a shiny new 012" gage string on his guitar. I know it's new because all his other strings were severely corroded.

Watched him all evening and noticed the picks he was using were very similar to the ones I kept losing.

Had a teh tarik after the practice. I noticed him slipping some white powder into my drink as I surreptitiously watched him when I walked away to order some food. He was whistling some stupid Green Day song and looking innocent when I came back. He was sipping his teh tarik and commenting how good it was that evening.

I took several small sips then downed the entire glass. I caught him grinning as he watched me.

He doesn't realize that since I was a child, I've been ingesting small amounts of common and some not so common poisons, venoms, nuclear radiation and infectious microbes. I have immunity over pretty much all deleterious material/energy forms on this planet.

I must do something about this.


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