Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Problem Is You

As you may all know from reading our blog, R has been slandering my good name with his incessant accusations of me being a kleptomanic.

My answer to this is.... so what?

I like to take shit. The world is mine. Tomorrow I shall take all your computers and the guitars that you don't actually play but like to keep around your house so you can show them to guests and tell them that they were given to you by some great artistes such as myself. What are you gonna do about it?

I own everything. My name is on everything including your shit and piss. No need to say one. Just take.

You know, I think the real problem is R's extreme paranoia. I think this is caused by all the pollution that R has been exposed to through out his career in enviromental destruction. I notice this of lately while we were getting ready for one of our recent shows in the middle east.

There we were. Ten minutes before showtime. Before we head out to entertain the heads of the secular and fundimental muslim world.

Suddenly, R starts to break down crying. Mumbling something about some Dubai whore and he doesn't think we'll make it out alive from this show. Says "we've pushed the envelope to far this time".

"Fuck no!" I tell him. We've merely scraped the dirt of the whole shabang! And now you want to pussy out because you're afraid you'll be labeled as an outcast to your religion and brotherhood.

Needless to say, after a lot of gay ass comforting and back patting, R finally pulled himself together to perform.

It was a good show but I could have done better without him.


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