Monday, May 07, 2007


Woo Hey Muchacos!

Come! Come! We're giving away TONS of fun stuff! This competition's REALLY EXCITING!!

Hang on to your pants & zip 'em up! Click here for entry forms! (


GRAND Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks Autographed (by both Lord and General Panda) CDROM album

6 Packets of Maggi Mee Assam Laksa

1 Copy Harian Metro

2nd Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks Autographed (by either Lord OR General Panda) CDROM album

1 Copy Harian Metro

3rd Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks (Unautographed) CDROM album

4th Prize:

Blank CDROM so you can burn your own copy of One Thousand Homo Humpbacks CDROM album after downloading the free songs. You may autograph it yourself if you wish.

CLOSING DATE 15 June 2007

Here's what people are saying about One Thousand Homo Humpbacks!

i downloaded the PHC album... amazing waste of time... i loved every wasted minute of it. already have my favourites.... samy, yahudi hey, singer sonwriters suck, meng the catholic, ahab, homophobe....Farez (Hot Shot Corporate Lawyer)

Heard the two tracks, Ahab and Samy. Liked the overall madcap energy, but both songs are actually pretty silly exercises in primate humour - hardly subversive or incisive - just plain inane....Antares (Bad Man, probably Criminally Insane Communist)

And if the silliness could not get sillier, the band has offered the entire album free. It is downloadable from their website (or, by clicking here). Is it worth your hard drive space? Depends, if you can stand songs with titles like 'Samy', 'Singer Songwriters Suck' and 'Worship Me'. As for me? I've already deleted my Delta Goodrem bootleg to make room. (Really Cool People.)

Listening pleasure! Huh! Only if you're deaf! This is the talentless collection of inept insults that we've come to expect from Panda Head Curry. Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, I urge you, for the sake of humanity and whales everywhere, don't download this racist tripe. It is all you might expect of a carbon-belching bigot. Resist, resist! Sonia... (currently on death row for genocide and smuggling Enya CDs)


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Die Panda Die!

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