Sunday, May 06, 2007

No Show CIJ's World Press Freedom Day Celebrations

Woo hey kids!

It has come to our attention that Panda Head Curry? was advertised to play for the Center Of Independent Journalism’s (CIJ’s) World Press Freedom day, Sunday 6 May 2007 at the Central Market, KL.

If you were there at the allocated time, you will notice that we weren’t there. That’s OK. You weren’t experiencing Lost Time from being abducted by aliens (you MAY have been but that’s not the point of this message). We REALLY weren’t there. And we apologize for this profusely.

What happened was the CIJ used Panda Head Curry?’s name to boost attendance and make obscene profits for their “Independent Journalist” cronies. PHC hadn’t agreed to appear at this event as CIJ just couldn’t afford our fees and couldn’t comply with our riders. We are currently trying to access just how much money CIJ made using the PHC name and trademark in this event, we estimate several million RM easily (NOTE 1).

Our no show had nothing to do with the fact that Ben and I were vacationing in Ko Samui and Langkawi respectively for the past week, out of contact, resulting in miscommunication between CIJ and PHC. No siree..This was pure CIJ spin. (NOTE 2)

We understand there were at least 10,000 people chanting and (and apparently according to CIJ) threatening to riot when they heard of this no show. We are glad no one got hurt, no stores were looted, no one got trampled. They composed themselves, lit candles, joined hands and prayed that PHC’s absence wasn’t due to any calamitous event (we are safe and in good health). Of course, what can you expect from devotees of PHC but the utmost civility in the most trying times? We will endeavor to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

FYI: It was brought to my attention that our 1000 Homo Humpbacks album is being downloaded so much that the entire planet’s bandwidth is getting tied up. We apologize to all internet users…but that’s just something you have to live with.

Also, our song about Malaysia’s favorite bogeymen, Yahudi, Hey! has just been re-uploaded. The previous version of this song was an older mix that accidentally got uploaded with the final cut.

You can go to: to download the songs/album.

NOTE 1: This is completely fabricated. I made this up.

NOTE 2: Sonia/Gaya – please call us for next gig you have.

NOTE 3: Panda Head Curry? supports freedom of the press and commends CIJ for organizing this important event annually. They put a lot of work into this and do a fantastic job. However, please don't tell them we said this.


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