Tuesday, June 17, 2008





TRACKS: (1) It Was ME! (2) Projek Khinzir Raksaksa (3) Chipmunks on Crack (4) Are You Sleeping (SpiderPM) (5) Kencinglah Kencing (6) No Mongolians (7) Malay British Math Whiz Ho (8) Mari Maryam (8a) Budak Kaya (9) Yuri! Don’t Drop The Space Soap!!! (10) I Don’t Do Jazz? (11) Devil Town (D. Johnston)


Just answer the following questions – and return to mailto:rafil@disarseter.com :

(a) What will happens to the aliens once Panda Head Curry? lures them to Earth by building landing strips?

(b) Where does the Khinzir Raksaksa (monster pig) like to hide?

(c) Why do the Chipmunks feel itchy?

(d) What radioactive bodily fluid does SpiderPM have?

(e) What should you do if you need to pee, and the public toilet’s locked?

(f) Why is the protagonist in No Mongolians afraid of Mongoloids?

(g) Name 2 ugly male mathematicians

(h) MULTIPLE CHOICE: Who do you think wrote Mari Maryam? 1) Lord Panda (who enjoys reading John Steinbeck) 2) General Panda (who’s struggling with “Hop on Pop”)

(i) What is Yuri supposed to do, once he drops down on all fours, just like Laika?

Grand Prize: Signed CDROM Album with really cool Cover Art! & empty Nutrafin Turtle Food Container

Second Prize: Signed CDROM Album (no cover art) and surprise leftover from General Panda’s Fridge (WARNING DO NOT CONSUME)

Third Prize: Blank CDROM

Final date for entries is 19 July 2008

Prizes will be presented at KL PAC on Sunday 20 July 2008 during Panda Head Curry?’s set. Gig Details Here (http://pandaheadcurry.blogspot.com/):

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Woo hey kiddies!!!!

It’s been a long time since we communicated with you, our devoted disciples. We hope that hasn’t caused you too much distress. We heard there are at least 20,000 of our disciples who spontaneously got up and wantonly ran with scissors after not hearing from us for more than a week. The reason for this long silence was because we were saving the world from an army of flesh eating zombies! You may thank us with songs of praise, burn offerings, send us money, etc for saving your sorry butts from these fiends.

Anyhoo, here’s some stuff that’s soooo exciting…YOU WILL DEFINITELY WET YOURSELF!!!!!


We had a short respite from our war with the forces of darkness and were interviewed by the Lester Bangs of Malaysia – Adlin! Who works for the NME of MalaysiaJunk Magazine! We’re in the June 2008 issue, available at all good news stands. Go out and BUY A COPY NOW!

In this copy of Junk, we get intimate and share our favourite recipe for..you got it, Panda Head Curry! It’s the one with Madonna on the front cover – she’s been a huge Panda Head Curry? fan since the 80’s. We taught her all her dance moves. Get into the groove, babe! You can also read a more complete version our interview at the Junk website – http://www.junkonline.net.


Panda Head Curry? is going BACK INTO THE STUDIO this weekend to work on an EP, which may turn out to be a full blown album..depending on how many songs we manage to write between now and Saturday – and how long it takes for the studio owners to kick us out.



Panda Head Curry? and Friends: The Musical (Also known to communist vegans as KL SING SONG 2008)

When? July 18th Friday, 19th Saturday and 20th Sunday - Fri & Sat: starts at 8:30pm, Sun: starts at 3:00pm.

Where: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (Woo hey YTL!!!!!) – Pentas 2.

Venue Map is here http://www.klpac.com/Welcome.asp?c=venuelocation

Tickets: RM 25 / RM 20 (for disabled/students/Samy Velu)

PANDA HEAD CURRY? Will be performing at the GRAND FINALE on Sunday 20th July!!!!!!!!!

You can learn more about this STUPENDOUSLY MAGNIFICIENT GIG at the following sites:

KAKISENI http://www.kakiseni.com/events/misc/MTA5MjE.html (now their color scheme’s more heterosexual)

More details on venue etc: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KL PAC): http://www.klpac.com

Line up and more details!


Title : KL Sing Song 2008

Email : jeromekugan@gmail.com

Synopsis : Here's your chance to hear Panda Head Curry? and 20 of Malaysia’s best singer-songwriters perform some of their best original compositions, at this years KL Sing Song 2008.

Each day of KL Sing Song will feature a different line-up of singer songwriters, performing in different genres and languages, displaying the growing diversity of local talent.

The performances will be acoustic, with just the performers and their instruments in an intimate setting.

Here's the Lineup:

Fri 18 July

Mia Palencia - Nominated for Best Solo Vocal (Music), Cameronian Arts Awards 2005

Reza Salleh - Soulful performer and organiser of Moonshine.

Paolo Delfino - Emerging singer songwriter with witty songs and showmanship flair

Sherry - Legendary veteran busker with unique voice and songs

Otam - New singer songwriter with chilled out vibes and gruff vocals

Izzy Mohamed - Upcoming singer songwriter with warm, soothing sound

Sat 19 July:

Pete Teo - Winner of three AIM awards in 2007 and the producer of the Malaysian Artists for Unity Project

Shanon Shah - Most Promising Young Artist Cameronian Arts Awards 2004. Best Male Vocalist AIM 2006

Estrella - Breakout band of 2008 of sweet bossa nova sounds and sultry vocals

Karen Nunis - Veteran female folk rock singer songwriter of bluesy grit

Rendra Zawawi - Witty singer songwriter with dynamic vocals and engaging songs

Edwin & Albert - Mandarin-speaking duo with sparkling acoustic pop melodies

Sun 20 July

Meor - Former Luncai Emas artiste, legendary independent performer

Yuna - Young, heartfelt, wistful singer songwriter with disarming voice

Peter Hassan & Markiza - Long time supporters of live music, founders of Acoustic Jam

Nan Blues - Local street busker with songs flavoured in the blues and folk genre

Azmyl Yunor - Lively solo singer songwriter with cheeky folk songs

Sei Hon - Singer songwriter with songs on urban life, politics and more

Jerome Kugan - Most Promising Young Artist Cameronian Arts Awards 2005

Ian & Tracy - Sunny, earnest vocal duo with cheerful acoustic pop songs

Panda Head Curry? – Beings of pure energy and light.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Panda Head Curry? is ALIVE!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

The last time we communicated, it was to relay the sad news of Panda Head Curry?’s demise trying to save orphans and wretched folk in the Orphanarium blaze.

However, we later discovered to our amazement….Panda Head Curry? lives!!!

That’s right! We had our suspicions at first, when Disarseter Records Crime Scene Investigation unit noticed strange radioactive emissions from the building. Upon further investigation, the by Disarster Records Center for Advanced Sciences - Sub Atomic Physics team, the radiation turned out to be tachyon particles ! I won’t get into the physics now, as the proof and explanation of this would be too much to fit into the margin of this email. The tachyon emissions were coming from the FUTURE and were actually a coded message! The Disarseter Records Cryptography team managed to decode the message! Here it is, a message from Lord Panda…FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!

Rafil Elyas

President, Disarseter Records.


Woo hey kiddies!

This is Lord Panda from Panda Head Curry? we’re in the future. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be, after all, we’re more highly evolved than you carbon based bipedal homo sapiens. We have technology that would make your head spin. Spin, like the top your space flight participant’s playing with on the ISS.

Anyways, General Panda and I were busy evacuating our medical experiment guinea pigs, orphans and wretched people from the burning human experiment center Orphanarium. Just as the ceiling collapsed, we hurled ourselves into the future, using our Space/Time machines cleverly disguised as underpants.

We have seen the future, and it isn’t pretty, just like the past.

Actually, we’re here in KL, at Paul’s Place, it’s 7:30pm November 3, 2007. Apparently, there’s a gig going on here, some lame bands, Ben’s Bitches, 360 Degree Head Rotation and a bunch of other wannabes are having a launch party for Ben’s Bitches Mamak Conspiracy album. They’re begging us to play a set, we may comply if enough of you come.

So, make your way down through time and space and catch up with us. Hurry up! The place seems to be filling up real quick!

I’m told it’s a free show, you just need to RSVP this message to get on the list. Send your Real Name to phc@disarseter.com.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who play the stock market, be advised that..….


Click on image below to see bigger version of image below.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lord and General Panda Killed in Building Fire – Memorial and Tribute Gig

Press Release.

Disarseter Records Sdn Bhd.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

27 September 2007

Lord and General Panda Killed in Building Fire – Memorial and Tribute Gig.

Global musical phenoms, philanthropists, spiritual gurus and technical geniuses, Panda Head Curry? were killed in a building fire in Balakong on 9 September 2007. Lord and General Panda? were evacuating the tenants, mainly orphans, feeble and wretched people when the building collapsed. Their bodies were not found.

Cowardly people snapping photos and watching while Lord and General Panda? rush into the building to save orphans and wretched people

Known for their ultra right wing, pro mufti Perak, fundamentalist, anti-vegan, homophobic and misogynic sing-alongs, Panda Head Curry? were embarking on their planet wide tour following the release of their latest album, “One Thousand Homo Humpbacks”. An announcement was made at a Central Market gig two weeks ago by CIJ Head Cheese Sonia R. According to Ms. R, the circumstances of the fire were dubious, she implied that “Panda Head Curry? probably started it themselves”. A baseless accusation by one of the Panda Head Curry?’s biggest detractors.

Claims that Panda Head Curry? owned the building and were hoping to cash in their insurance policy were complete slander. Panda Head Curry? did own the building, a testament to their generosity and philanthropy. It was the worlds first “Orphanarium”, a building that housed orphans from all over the world. Its walls were made of glass, so people could see the orphans at play and rest. People would stop by during lunch breaks where the orphans would put on skits and perform choral arrangements of Panda Head Curry? songs. The Orphanarium had an unparalleled adoption rate. Accusations that Panda Head Curry? were using the orphans for medical research were completely untrue and probably a CIJ smear campaign.

Panda Head Curry? hired wretched, homeless, the dregs of society, to staff the Orphanarium. “Look, everyone likes kids? Just because someone is labeled “schizophrenic” doesn’t mean he don’t like kids”, said General Panda? in a 2001 interview.

We are making this press release several weeks after the incident. This has been done to manage the grief of the planet. We feared Panda Head Curry? fans and disciples may riot and commit mass suicide, so we’ve been breaking the news slowly and in stages.

A memorial and tribute for Panda Head Curry? shall be held in Paul’s Place on 3 November 2007. This event is Invitation Only. Entrance is free. If you are reading this, consider yourself INVITED. If you would to attend, you MUST RSVP with an email to phc@disarseter.com.

Please send in your (real) FULL NAME so we can get you on the guest list.

This event also coincides with owner, Paul Millot’s Birthday and Ben’s Bitches Album Release Party –

A Disarseterous Conspiracy!

Lots of party games and party pack give aways!

Date: 3rd Nov 2007 (Sat)

Time: 8:00 pm

Venue: Paul's Place (map below)


Ben's Bitches

360 Degree Head Rotation




A surprise totally kick ass band has yet to confirm.

Come, celebrate the life of Panda Head Curry? Paul’s nth birthday, and Ben’s Bitches Album Release (copies of the Mamak Conspiracy and other fine Disarseter Records products will be available for purchase).

Please send questions or condolences to phc@disarseter.com .

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

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Monday, May 07, 2007


Woo Hey Muchacos!

Come! Come! We're giving away TONS of fun stuff! This competition's REALLY EXCITING!!

Hang on to your pants & zip 'em up! Click here for entry forms! (http://www.disarseter.com/PHC/competition.htm)


GRAND Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks Autographed (by both Lord and General Panda) CDROM album

6 Packets of Maggi Mee Assam Laksa

1 Copy Harian Metro

2nd Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks Autographed (by either Lord OR General Panda) CDROM album

1 Copy Harian Metro

3rd Prize:

One Thousand Homo Humpbacks (Unautographed) CDROM album

4th Prize:

Blank CDROM so you can burn your own copy of One Thousand Homo Humpbacks CDROM album after downloading the free songs. You may autograph it yourself if you wish.

CLOSING DATE 15 June 2007

Here's what people are saying about One Thousand Homo Humpbacks!

i downloaded the PHC album... amazing waste of time... i loved every wasted minute of it. already have my favourites.... samy, yahudi hey, singer sonwriters suck, meng the catholic, ahab, homophobe....Farez (Hot Shot Corporate Lawyer)

Heard the two tracks, Ahab and Samy. Liked the overall madcap energy, but both songs are actually pretty silly exercises in primate humour - hardly subversive or incisive - just plain inane....Antares (Bad Man, probably Criminally Insane Communist)

And if the silliness could not get sillier, the band has offered the entire album free. It is downloadable from their website (or, by clicking here). Is it worth your hard drive space? Depends, if you can stand songs with titles like 'Samy', 'Singer Songwriters Suck' and 'Worship Me'. As for me? I've already deleted my Delta Goodrem bootleg to make room. Think.com.my. (Really Cool People.)

Listening pleasure! Huh! Only if you're deaf! This is the talentless collection of inept insults that we've come to expect from Panda Head Curry. Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, I urge you, for the sake of humanity and whales everywhere, don't download this racist tripe. It is all you might expect of a carbon-belching bigot. Resist, resist! Sonia... (currently on death row for genocide and smuggling Enya CDs)

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

No Show CIJ's World Press Freedom Day Celebrations

Woo hey kids!

It has come to our attention that Panda Head Curry? was advertised to play for the Center Of Independent Journalism’s (CIJ’s) World Press Freedom day, Sunday 6 May 2007 at the Central Market, KL.

If you were there at the allocated time, you will notice that we weren’t there. That’s OK. You weren’t experiencing Lost Time from being abducted by aliens (you MAY have been but that’s not the point of this message). We REALLY weren’t there. And we apologize for this profusely.

What happened was the CIJ used Panda Head Curry?’s name to boost attendance and make obscene profits for their “Independent Journalist” cronies. PHC hadn’t agreed to appear at this event as CIJ just couldn’t afford our fees and couldn’t comply with our riders. We are currently trying to access just how much money CIJ made using the PHC name and trademark in this event, we estimate several million RM easily (NOTE 1).

Our no show had nothing to do with the fact that Ben and I were vacationing in Ko Samui and Langkawi respectively for the past week, out of contact, resulting in miscommunication between CIJ and PHC. No siree..This was pure CIJ spin. (NOTE 2)

We understand there were at least 10,000 people chanting and (and apparently according to CIJ) threatening to riot when they heard of this no show. We are glad no one got hurt, no stores were looted, no one got trampled. They composed themselves, lit candles, joined hands and prayed that PHC’s absence wasn’t due to any calamitous event (we are safe and in good health). Of course, what can you expect from devotees of PHC but the utmost civility in the most trying times? We will endeavor to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

FYI: It was brought to my attention that our 1000 Homo Humpbacks album is being downloaded so much that the entire planet’s bandwidth is getting tied up. We apologize to all internet users…but that’s just something you have to live with.

Also, our song about Malaysia’s favorite bogeymen, Yahudi, Hey! has just been re-uploaded. The previous version of this song was an older mix that accidentally got uploaded with the final cut.

You can go to: http://www.disarseter.com/PHC/album.htm to download the songs/album.

NOTE 1: This is completely fabricated. I made this up.

NOTE 2: Sonia/Gaya – please call us for next gig you have.

NOTE 3: Panda Head Curry? supports freedom of the press and commends CIJ for organizing this important event annually. They put a lot of work into this and do a fantastic job. However, please don't tell them we said this.

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