Sunday, October 21, 2007

Panda Head Curry? is ALIVE!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

The last time we communicated, it was to relay the sad news of Panda Head Curry?’s demise trying to save orphans and wretched folk in the Orphanarium blaze.

However, we later discovered to our amazement….Panda Head Curry? lives!!!

That’s right! We had our suspicions at first, when Disarseter Records Crime Scene Investigation unit noticed strange radioactive emissions from the building. Upon further investigation, the by Disarster Records Center for Advanced Sciences - Sub Atomic Physics team, the radiation turned out to be tachyon particles ! I won’t get into the physics now, as the proof and explanation of this would be too much to fit into the margin of this email. The tachyon emissions were coming from the FUTURE and were actually a coded message! The Disarseter Records Cryptography team managed to decode the message! Here it is, a message from Lord Panda…FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!

Rafil Elyas

President, Disarseter Records.


Woo hey kiddies!

This is Lord Panda from Panda Head Curry? we’re in the future. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be, after all, we’re more highly evolved than you carbon based bipedal homo sapiens. We have technology that would make your head spin. Spin, like the top your space flight participant’s playing with on the ISS.

Anyways, General Panda and I were busy evacuating our medical experiment guinea pigs, orphans and wretched people from the burning human experiment center Orphanarium. Just as the ceiling collapsed, we hurled ourselves into the future, using our Space/Time machines cleverly disguised as underpants.

We have seen the future, and it isn’t pretty, just like the past.

Actually, we’re here in KL, at Paul’s Place, it’s 7:30pm November 3, 2007. Apparently, there’s a gig going on here, some lame bands, Ben’s Bitches, 360 Degree Head Rotation and a bunch of other wannabes are having a launch party for Ben’s Bitches Mamak Conspiracy album. They’re begging us to play a set, we may comply if enough of you come.

So, make your way down through time and space and catch up with us. Hurry up! The place seems to be filling up real quick!

I’m told it’s a free show, you just need to RSVP this message to get on the list. Send your Real Name to

Oh yeah, and for those of you who play the stock market, be advised that..….


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