Thursday, June 12, 2008


Woo hey kiddies!!!!

It’s been a long time since we communicated with you, our devoted disciples. We hope that hasn’t caused you too much distress. We heard there are at least 20,000 of our disciples who spontaneously got up and wantonly ran with scissors after not hearing from us for more than a week. The reason for this long silence was because we were saving the world from an army of flesh eating zombies! You may thank us with songs of praise, burn offerings, send us money, etc for saving your sorry butts from these fiends.

Anyhoo, here’s some stuff that’s soooo exciting…YOU WILL DEFINITELY WET YOURSELF!!!!!


We had a short respite from our war with the forces of darkness and were interviewed by the Lester Bangs of Malaysia – Adlin! Who works for the NME of MalaysiaJunk Magazine! We’re in the June 2008 issue, available at all good news stands. Go out and BUY A COPY NOW!

In this copy of Junk, we get intimate and share our favourite recipe got it, Panda Head Curry! It’s the one with Madonna on the front cover – she’s been a huge Panda Head Curry? fan since the 80’s. We taught her all her dance moves. Get into the groove, babe! You can also read a more complete version our interview at the Junk website –


Panda Head Curry? is going BACK INTO THE STUDIO this weekend to work on an EP, which may turn out to be a full blown album..depending on how many songs we manage to write between now and Saturday – and how long it takes for the studio owners to kick us out.



Panda Head Curry? and Friends: The Musical (Also known to communist vegans as KL SING SONG 2008)

When? July 18th Friday, 19th Saturday and 20th Sunday - Fri & Sat: starts at 8:30pm, Sun: starts at 3:00pm.

Where: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (Woo hey YTL!!!!!) – Pentas 2.

Venue Map is here

Tickets: RM 25 / RM 20 (for disabled/students/Samy Velu)

PANDA HEAD CURRY? Will be performing at the GRAND FINALE on Sunday 20th July!!!!!!!!!

You can learn more about this STUPENDOUSLY MAGNIFICIENT GIG at the following sites:

KAKISENI (now their color scheme’s more heterosexual)

More details on venue etc: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KL PAC):

Line up and more details!


Title : KL Sing Song 2008

Email :

Synopsis : Here's your chance to hear Panda Head Curry? and 20 of Malaysia’s best singer-songwriters perform some of their best original compositions, at this years KL Sing Song 2008.

Each day of KL Sing Song will feature a different line-up of singer songwriters, performing in different genres and languages, displaying the growing diversity of local talent.

The performances will be acoustic, with just the performers and their instruments in an intimate setting.

Here's the Lineup:

Fri 18 July

Mia Palencia - Nominated for Best Solo Vocal (Music), Cameronian Arts Awards 2005

Reza Salleh - Soulful performer and organiser of Moonshine.

Paolo Delfino - Emerging singer songwriter with witty songs and showmanship flair

Sherry - Legendary veteran busker with unique voice and songs

Otam - New singer songwriter with chilled out vibes and gruff vocals

Izzy Mohamed - Upcoming singer songwriter with warm, soothing sound

Sat 19 July:

Pete Teo - Winner of three AIM awards in 2007 and the producer of the Malaysian Artists for Unity Project

Shanon Shah - Most Promising Young Artist Cameronian Arts Awards 2004. Best Male Vocalist AIM 2006

Estrella - Breakout band of 2008 of sweet bossa nova sounds and sultry vocals

Karen Nunis - Veteran female folk rock singer songwriter of bluesy grit

Rendra Zawawi - Witty singer songwriter with dynamic vocals and engaging songs

Edwin & Albert - Mandarin-speaking duo with sparkling acoustic pop melodies

Sun 20 July

Meor - Former Luncai Emas artiste, legendary independent performer

Yuna - Young, heartfelt, wistful singer songwriter with disarming voice

Peter Hassan & Markiza - Long time supporters of live music, founders of Acoustic Jam

Nan Blues - Local street busker with songs flavoured in the blues and folk genre

Azmyl Yunor - Lively solo singer songwriter with cheeky folk songs

Sei Hon - Singer songwriter with songs on urban life, politics and more

Jerome Kugan - Most Promising Young Artist Cameronian Arts Awards 2005

Ian & Tracy - Sunny, earnest vocal duo with cheerful acoustic pop songs

Panda Head Curry? – Beings of pure energy and light.


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