Monday, July 24, 2006

There are many who covet the genius and success of Panda Head Curry?.

They want to have cribs that are showcased on MTV, screw a different Victoria Secret model every night and get into the swimming pool less than 15 minutes after eating a heavy meal.

Well they can't.

The secret of Panda Head Curry? is powerful indeed. It is closely guarded by us. We made a blood oath to "those who came before us" that we would keep the secret and only hand it down to the new chosen two when we were close to death, or really bored of being Panda Head Curry?.

Those who possess our secret would could use it to do things like understand what the hell Harussani Zakaria, Mufti of Perak is thinking or move Earth to a new orbit around the sun.

To harness the power of Panda Head Curry? would even allow one to initiate a big bang, create one's own universe complete with sentient beings to entertain them and do one's bidding.

Yes, with great power comes great responsibility.

Thus, is the burden of Panda Head Curry.


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